Thursday, June 14, 2012

*New Intake 2012/2013*



1. USM 制度
2. UPU 制度 -4 间研究型大学 ( UM, UKM, UPM, UTM)

假设1:我申请了USM 和 UPU (研究型/非研究型) 我会拿到什么?
*可能1:Double offer, 就是USM + UPU, 可是只能选择一个
  可能2:  UPU (研究型/非研究型)
  可能3:USM only

假设2:我只申请 UPU  (研究型/非研究型)  我会拿到什么?
*可能: (研究型/非研究型) 其中一个,如果不喜欢而拒绝了,就没有大学可以读。除非上诉。

*sources:Registry Department of USM

Latest updates on the Local Universities intake (Batch 2012/2013)

USM and UPU will release the results of intake at the same time during the first or the second week of July. They will inform the candidates via SMS.

There're 2 systems on Malaysia's universities now:
1) USM system
2) UPU system
    -4 Research Universities(RU) which are UM, UKM, UPM and UTM.
    -Non-research Universities(Non-RU) 
(Other than USM, UM, UKM, UPM and UTM).

There are two situations below for your reference:

Situation 1:
If I apply USM and UPU (RU/Non-RU), what are the outcomes?

Outcome 1: Double offer, which means you'll get USM and UPU together, but you can  choose only one to accept.
Outcome 2: UPU (RU/Non-RU)
Outcome 3: USM only.

Situation 2:
If I apply only the UPU (RU/Non-RU), what are the outcomes?

Outcome: You'll possibly get an offer (only ONE) from either RU or Non-RU. If you reject the offer, you'll have no more offer to the local universities, unless you make an appeal which has its own probability of success and failure.

*sources:Registry Department of USM