Friday, July 17, 2009

理华升学辅导组- 积分收集

Woohoo...It has already been two weeks since our new semester starts. It should be quite leisure for us in the 1st week. However, it has been a busy week. This is because jifen activities also start in the beginning of the semester. We have all worked very hard to collect jifen from all the schools in USM. It’s been a tiring and hectic work for us. However, with the co-operation and teamwork from all of us, the activity goes on very smoothly. During this activity, we’ve met all kind of people from all over Malaysia and also from other countries. Even though all of the 1st year students are from all over Malaysia, they have given us full co-operation.

We have also met some obstacles throughout these activity. This is because it is difficult to assemble people to be on duty as lectures are still going on during that week. We are also worried that the number of jifen form collected back do not tally with the total number of students. There was once we were unable to collect jifen as we were not informed that there is a change in the venue of the lecture. Luckily, all of us have the timetable of every school. This enable us to arrange another time to collect jifen of this school.

Throughout this activity, we have gone through happy and unhappy times. But, we all enjoyed the process of this activity. It is really fun and interesting. This activity turns out to be a success because of the hard work and commitment of all the committee. Hope that all of our activities in future will also be successful. Let’s all gambateh...


^^TonY said...

nice post , gambateh neh every1 !!

Anonymous said...

the article is so good!!
gambate neh!!